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The next generation of digital directories.

Say hello to Scout – a modern, simple and affordable, totally personalizable digital directory solution for office buildings, healthcare facilities, universities, hotels and conference centers.


Update content remotely on Scout's modern platform.

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It's simple to personalize your Scout and make it your own.

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Scout's pricing is straight-forward and easy on your budget.

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It’s the difference between a Ford Pinto and a Nissan Leaf.

Designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind, Scout is a modern solution that leverages technology to deliver a versatile directory that allows content to be updated remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Scout is comprised of:

  • The Scout content management system
  • The Scout solid-state, full HD 1080p Google Android-based digital content player
  • A commercial-grade digital display


Set it and forget it… or not!
(Either way it’s easy.)

Whether you choose to set-up your Scout and only update listings when needed, or use it as a centralized communications hub, it’s simple to make Scout your own.

We’ll personalize your Scout to complement the look and feel of your building & brand, and give you easy to update modules.


Happiness should be recurring... not fees.

Scout is based on straight-forward pricing. Yes when installs are involved there are variables, but we take care of everything upfront with a one-time cost:

  • NO proprietary software fees
  • NO licensing fees
  • NO annual support contracts


  • 3-YEAR digital content player replacement warranty
  • FREE hosting with Scout branding



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We truly do make it easy.

& Software

& Installation


Whether you need a new install or a retrofit, Scout is a full-service solution offering hardware, software, set-up, installation and training. All you need to provide is power and data, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Already have a digital directory system but looking to upgrade?

If your display has an HDMI input, and if you have power and data available, then chances are you can upgrade your existing system with a Scout digital content player. You’ll plug it in, we’ll train you over WebEx – and all will be right and just.

Let’s get started.

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